Getting Started

Whether you are brand new to a church in the World, a brand new Christian, or maybe you are not a Christian, but you want to understand the Christian worldview better. A good place to start is why we Christians believe what we believe and these are the three books we recommend for you to start this magnificent journey.

The Evidence That Demands a Verdict provides historical documentation and modern scholarship, bearing witness to the truth of the Bible. This is a book that invites readers to bring their doubts and doesn’t shy away from the tough questions.


Imagine looking back on the sum total of your earthly years . . . and realizing that your reasons to rejoice are far greater than your regrets. Living Backward is your invitation to discover the powerful gift of future-oriented hindsight and reap the incredible rewards it offers.


What is the Bible? Can we really trust it? Dr. R.C. Sproul shows that these common assumptions are wrong. The Bible is the Word of God, and therefore it is trustworthy, authoritative, and without error. What it says is of life-changing importance and should not be neglected by anyone.



We hear Christians say that God is sovereign, but so many times we observe that when pushed on what that actually means, there are caveats and excuses given to "help" God to explain away the tough realities of life. A proper understanding of what the Bible says about God's sovereignty and an even better word, providence, is essential to a Christian walking out his mission on this fallen earth without being swayed and pulled away by the vagaries of this fallen world.

The providence of God is his purposeful sovereignty by which he will be completely successful in the achievement of his ultimate goal for the universe. God’s providence carries his plans into action, guides all things toward his ultimate goal, and leads to the final consummation. Pastor and author John Piper draws on a lifetime of theological reflection, biblical study, and practical ministry to lead readers on a stunning tour of the sightings of God’s providence—from Genesis to Revelation.



Ahhhh.... the three-letter word no one wants to talk about anymore. So if we don't talk about it, it may just go away. No, it doesn't work that way.

All Christians are free from the penalty of sin, but to act like we no longer sin is to our own peril. Let's walk together as we confront the sin that is still in our lives and by the power of the Holy Spirit look more and more like Jesus each day. 

Abortion, adultery, violence---it seems the big sins grab all the headlines. But what about jealousy, selfishness, greed, and "little" faults we live with every day? Opening our eyes to the spiritual dangers of "acceptable" transgressions, Bridges urges us to thoughtfully examine our lives and turn away from more subtle negative behaviors. 


"The root of all evil is money." You have heard that, right? But that's not what the Bible says. The Bible states that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. As Christians, we are stewards of what God has given us. Whatever possessions we own, we don't own them. God owns them. We are supposed to administer whatever is in our possession for God's glory, not for our happiness.

The so-called American Dream is not biblical no matter how many times you may hear that from the pulpit. We need to read our Bibles to see what God says to do with His money.

It's time to rethink our perspectives on money and possessions. In this thoroughly researched and extensively updated classic, Randy Alcorn shows us how to view them accurately---as God's provision for our good, the good of others, and his glory. 



One of the most misrepresented topics in the Bible is the topic of heaven. It is discussed more on television and the movies than in the pulpits and that is definitely going to lead to some very unbiblical understandings about heaven. Therefore, we want to provide you with a solid biblical reference that will open your eyes to what God has told us about the ultimate destination for all Christians

As the years pass and we watch more and more of our family, friends and mentors pass away, it is only natural to ask questions about heaven. However, our understanding of heaven is often limited to a few half-forgotten Sunday school lessons and the insubstantial images provided by popular movies and T.V. Fortunately, in Heaven Randy Alcorn provides us with a thoroughly researched and biblically definitive description of heaven.