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Knowing God & Others, Showing God, Going where God has called us to go and Growing others for God (KnoShoGoGro) is still front and central of our heart, however we need to have LOVE and REPENTANCE at the forefront of what we communicate to the world.

Love is forefront in the commandments the Lord has given us. Our concern has been that “love” has been thrown around so cavalierly that it has lost what it truly means. Scripture states you cannot truly love God without knowing God. However, we need to somehow get that two-sided coin, “Love of God / Knowledge of God” across to everyone.

Jesus and the apostles constantly urged the people who were listening to them to repent. Since this is emphasized so much in the New Testament, we must emphasize this within our branch of Zion. Regretfully repentance is not heard nearly enough in the western church because it is not popular.

Our goal is never to be popular, but to coach people to be Scriptural without compromise and faithful to our Lord no matter how we are received. However this also needs to be done winsomely (Colossians 4:6), with understanding and care.  Therefore, the concept of KnoShoGoGro is correct, but it’s not complete. 



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